Programming Perl in popular culture

While watching Brooklyn 99, the new Andy Samberg show, I notice in the background of the police psychologist’s office a curious blue-spined book. The trade dress of O’Reilly books makes them instantly identifiable from a distance, even when blurry (which means the branding people got it right). I had to look at it on pause for a few seconds to convince myself I wasn’t seeing things.

Nope, that’s definitely Programming Perl, Third Edition. Miyagawa then pointed me toward a much more in focus appearance in the TV show Chuck. This time the book is bedside and by itself. Some light bedtime reading?

You can tell that it’s the third edition because each has a distinctive look, which I showed in “20 Years of Programming Perl”. Seeing a specific book I’ve worked on, even in an edition prior to my involvement, is almost as good as seeing the Camel in The IT Crowd:

4 thoughts on “Programming Perl in popular culture”

  1. Dude!! that is so awesome!!! It’s great to see Perl still making it’s mark in Modern Culture 😀

  2. Two and a half men, 9×19, “Palmdale, Ech”.

    Walden asks Jake & Eldrige what languages they use: “Java, Perl, C++?”

  3. The Simpsons, 23×11, “The D’oh-cial Network”

    Lisa, while writing the code for shutdown springface social network, write at last line:

    … reduce size subcategory listing rss+perl merge dock exit all

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