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“The Internet was Built on O’Reilly Books”

In my last post, Tim O‚ÄôReilly, Programming Perl, and EconTalk, I didn’t mention the other bit I found interesting in Tim’s answers to Russ Robert’s questions. He mentioned a Publishers Weekly cover that featured a stack of O’Reilly books with the tag “The Internet was Built on O’Reilly Books”.

I couldn’t track down the cover through regular googling, but I sent a note to Tim complimenting him on the nice interview and asking if he knew the issue. He put Edie Freedman on the job. If you’re a Perl trivia master, you know Edie is responsible for the animals covers and specifically the Programming perl cover. She tracked down the cover from February 21, 2000:

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Tim O’Reilly, Programming Perl, and EconTalk

Tim O’Reilly mentioned Perl in his interview with Russ Roberts on Econ Talk on . He points to Programming Perl as the key points in the history of O’Reilly Media. Besides the Perl shoutouts, Tim talks about several other very interesting things.

Alessio e Tim

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