Update your Programming Perl ebook!

If you bought the e-book version of Programming Perl, 4th Edition, you should be able to get the updated copy of it. In that, we fix various typos and thought errors reported through the errata system. And, we refresh the bits so all those stale 1s and 0s are replaced with new ones.

You can register your paper copy of any O’Reilly book to get a discount on the e-version. Better than that, you can connect your Dropbox account (referral link) to allow O’Reilly to automatically sync your purchases and updates.

My first Camel royalties

I just made my first $4 on Programming Perl. O’Reilly Media just moved to a monthly (instead of quarterly) royalty report and payment. Now I get to the reports at the end of each month, although it’s for three months back. Royalties come three months after so booksellers have time to track inventory, send money back, and more troubling, return books they don’t want anymore. Continue reading “My first Camel royalties”